(519) 358-7624 info@churchsarmyandoutdoor.com 61 Thames St Chatham Ontario

To simplify communication, we have outlined some of the most frequently asked questions we receive either via email or by phone. Should you have a question that we have not addressed here, we kindly invite you to contact us via our convenient contact form here on the website.

Where can I find you?

We are located at 61 Thames Street in Chatham Ontario. Below is a Gogle Map to help you find us should you have trouble.

Can you buy online from Churchs Army & Outdoor?

You certainly can! If you were a visitor of our old website, you will notice we now have convenient online shopping, right here. We welcome your online business and should you have any trouble, encourage you to contact us.

Will Churchs Army & Outdoor.com deliver to my doorstep?

Yes we will. With the carriers that we use however, we cannot guarantee rates for addresses using a PO (Post Office) Box.

Will Churchs Army & Outdoor.com use the shipping of my choice?

We would love to be able to provide you with a variety of carriers, however we find it best to stick to one. We are able to get the best rates to pass onto you and we are confident that you will find our shipping methods beyond satisfactory.

Does Churchs Army & Outdoor.com honour returns?

Yes. If something is defective with a product feel free to return it with in 30 days with a full money back guarantee!
Please send or bring returns to:

61 Thames Street
Chatham Ontario
N7L 1S3

What are your hours of operation?

Our hours of operations are as follows:

9AM to 4:30PM
9AM to 4:00PM
Sunday: Appointment Only (Please phone during week to set Sunday appointment time)

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